Friday, June 18, 2010

Where's the Spark?

Lately I really haven't had the desire to write, somehow I always find something "better" to do. Now, this is bothersome because I remember the days when I could sit down and write for hours on end and literally lose myself in my work. My mom's first question would be "what writing are you working on?"
So, where did that spark go?
Why is it that now, after I decided I wanted to write a novel, I can't even write a short story? Am I being too critical of my ideas because I second guess them wondering "could that ever get published?" Maybe I should go back to square one, forget about being published one day and just write because I enjoy writing, find that joy that allowed me to 'escape' my reality for a time.

I did some research and found a couple steps that may help spark my desire to write again.
"Read. A really good book makes me remember why I love to write and often makes me want to write."
"Study self. Go back and read some of your writing. Perhaps doing so will ignite the urge to write."
Well I've got the first idea down, that is for sure. I read a lot and it's true, reading those books helps me remember that I want others reading my work and falling in love with my characters someday -- but I'm always left with the same question: "How?"
The second step is painful :) although looking at old works shows me how far I've come, they're very bland and choppy. But, I guess if it can help me remember some of my own ideas and remind me of some forgotten plot line... maybe I could recreate them? rewrite them?

hmm... now I kind of want to go and reread them. Perhaps I could rewrite the forgotten?

Okay, well I guess I'm off to reread... I just hope I find my spark buried in the bits of my unfinished work.


  1. Ya know, I wouldn't wait around for the spark or the muse to strike. Just keep your hand moving. Go to your desk at the same time everyday and your sparky muse will show up. She or he just doesn't believe you right now. Your sparky muse is saying "Where's the money?" which in musespeak is "Where's your bum on the seat?" I'm not sure of much but I am quite sure of this!

  2. You know what...After our writer’s workshop I felt the same way. I thought anything I wrote needed to be perfect without those crazy ly, ing, was, as, etc...And I seriously got nothing creative done. It wasn't fun and I questioned what I already knew that the Lord put these stories on my heart. It's up to me to tell them.

    I get around the critical stuff by writing like no one is going to see it. I just write without a thought of being deep, POV concerns, or the words to avoid or endings. It's what everyone's a rough draft something left out in what we talked about in the workshop. After writing it...that’s the time to make it deep and to fix the POV slips, etc...

    You can do the first edit...then let someone else look at it to help you work on it. I will help in anyway you need me to. The perfection comes after you write it, edit it, edit it some more, start a second novel, and then worry about finding an agent.