Friday, June 11, 2010

The Brick Wall.

So... I've recently discovered a pattern. Every single time I finish a book I'm left feeling the same way. What is that feeling, you may ask. It's pretty easy to describe actually. After I've read the last page I simply go "Wow..." I'm left pondering how words on a page could make me laugh, make me cry, make me anticipate. How can simple words on a simple page be constructed in such a manner as to effect the readers emotions and create a bond between them and the character? Yes, this kind of book is good, but after I finish a book like that I'm left with a string of questions running through my mind. "Will I ever be able to write anything remotely close to that good? Could I effect my reader in those ways? Could I create a storyline that unique?..." etc. etc. So I guess you could say after reading an amazing book or seeing an amazing movie... I'm left discouraged a bit, I mean... their ideas are so unbelievabley unique, and the skills behind the writing are phenominal. So the question is... could I ever succeed in writing?
Another reason that question has hit my mind is because I've hit a huge brick wall in my writing. I don't know which way to go... it's as if the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz keeps switching the way his arm is pointing. Left... Right... Both... Right. My ideas stopped flowing a bit ago, nothing I write satisfies me. Other times I can't write period. The ideas used to come in surplus, now it's like I'm suffering the famine. I hunger for good writing ideas, something I can lose myself in. I thirst for the ability to let the idea flow like a river. But I still thirst, I still hunger and for now my thirst isn't being quenched and I remain famished. I pray this dry spell ends soon... my pages are screaming at me to be written on.
So my question is... how do you cure your writers block?

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  1. I was going to suggest that you read a book or watch a movie, but if that's what gets you discouraged then that won't help too much. I guess one thing for you to do is just play around with settings and random characters. They don't have to fit into any of your stories but just start creating them. Like in the writing workshop that you did, just fill out a character interview sheet and you may find something there that you hadn't known before hand. Who knows, maybe it will be interesting enough to continue on.

    As for the setting thing just use as many of the senses as you can and see if you create something interesting. You don't have to ever use any of these but its probably a good start. There are also plenty of writing prompts out there. One I found is the "3 am Epiphany" I found it to be useful.

    Well I hope that you can either tear down this "brick wall" or climb on over it.