Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Revelation.

So I've discovered why it's been so doggon hard for me to write!
I've been editing and creating at the same time! Instead of me just getting my ideas out onto paper I've been fussing over the "correctness" and the "does this flow" which I should, eventually, but not while I'm trying to get the basic idea out.
To put it simply I was meshing the editing and creating process, which I've discovered makes a mess!

Why am I doing that now, when I didn't before? Because before I wrote completely for myself, I didn't expect people to read it, I didn't plan for people to read it. But then I went to a writers workshop and the idea of "publishing" made me feel as though my writing had to be perfect right off the bat. Also, I began sharing my writing more often with my friends, so I wanted it to be perfect before sharing it with them. What happened because of my perfectionism? That's right, a stunted writing process.

So does anyone else have a 'perfectionist personality' causing them grief in the writing world? If so what tips do you have on getting around that?
What other challenges do you face when writing?

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  1. My main problem (as a crap hobby writer) is to get the time to write. First I have to do my job, then take care of the kids. Eventually I get some time to write. But before I can write, I need to think, and get in the mood. So often I never reach further than the thinking. I have complete books in my mind (after all the thinking), but very little on paper (or files) >:)

    Cold As Heaven